Solar for Your Business
Solar energy is one of our state's most abundant - and least utilized - renewable
resources. The California Solar Initiative offers cash incentives on solar systems -
currently, $2.50 a watt. California Solar Initiative incentives, combined with federal tax
incentives, can cover up to 50 percent of the total cost of a solar system.

Solar Panels are Reliable
Today's solar systems are reliable, attractive and affordable. Systems installed under
California Solar Initiative include contractor warranties that give you peace of mind.
Modern low-profile solar arrays complement most roofs, and installation is simple.
With minimal maintenance, you can expect at least 20 years of energy production
from a free and renewable energy source. Today, hundreds of Californians are
powering their homes and businesses with solar electric systems.

Savings on Your Energy Bill
A solar electric system, combined with energy efficiency improvements, can
substantially reduce your electric bill. Right now, your system can qualify for $2.50 a
watt-30% of a typical installation! Click here to learn how solar and energy efficiency
can save you money.

Federal Tax Credits
In addition to rebates available through the California Solar Initiative, you can save by
taking up to $2,000 in Federal income tax deductions - up to 30% of net installed cost
by installing solar electric power. You can also deduct for purchasing a range of
energy-efficient products and systems.