New Homes Solar Partnership
The New Homes Solar Partnership
(NHSP) is managed by the
California Energy Commision (CEC).
California Solar Initiative (CSI)
This program is managed by
either PG&E, SCE, or CCSE on
behalf of the State.
The Goal
California has set a goal to create 3,000 megawatts
of new, solar-produced electricity by 2017.
What is the State of California providing?
California has committed billions of dollars to a
rebate program that is expected to run for about 10
years.  The rebate levels are dependent on
Customer type and location, and those levels are
expected to drop by about 7% per year.
Who can apply for the rebates?
A photovoltaic system integrator must be registered with the NHSP and CSI
programs.  The company must also be a licensed B, C-10, or C-46 contractor.
Go Solar California
Must be an electric Customer of PG&E, SCE, or CCSE.
New Residential Construction (under the NHSP program).
Existing Residential Homes (under the CSI program).
New and Existing Commercial, Non-Proift, and Government projects.
Solar for Everyone in California
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